The longest unbroken sea beach of the World ……

অক্টোবর ২২, ২০১৫, ৭:৩০ অপরাহ্ণ

The longest unbroken sea beach of the World is Cox’s bazaar. It is 112 KM long. The nice and exceptional thing is 78 KM long hilly area that goes parallel with this sea beach. Any one can drive the total beach by four wheel jeep at the time of low tide and this is a rare experience for any tourist of the World. Cox’s Bazar beach is a shark free beach. Any one can swim at the time of high tide. Water bikes, Speed boats, Water skiing are available in Cox’s Bazar sea beach.

Day or night, moonlit or dark night, every thing has an individual beauty. From the top of the hill the sea beach looks very nice also, especially at the sun set time. Moonlit night is very attractive at this sea beach. The longest sea beach is giving the tourist this opportunity that he can enjoy this sea beach alone at any time avoiding only Laboni point to Sea Crown hotel point. Umbrellas and Sun lounges are available for hiring. There is no security problem here.

Not only the sea beach, but also tribes, Buddhist culture and architects have made Cox’bazar more attractive for the tourists. Some famous Buddhist temples are also here.

Himchori and Inani are two points of this great sea beach. These points are also attractive. There are several water falls on the way of these points. More than Two hundreds hotels, motels, guest houses and Cottages are here. Some of them are five stars, Some are three stars and others are general. Rooms are available for the tourists here except festivals time. It is 420 Km from Dhaka City. Ac/ Non Ac Buses available to come here. Everyday there are several air flights of several companies here. Bangla, Continental, Chinese, European food are available in the restaurants and authorized Bars are also in some hotel.

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( বি:দ্রঃ আপনভূবন ডটকম -এ প্রকাশিত প্রচারিত কোনো সংবাদ, তথ্য, ছবি, রেখাচিত্র, ভিডিও, অডিও, কনটেন্ট কপিরাইট আইনে পূর্বানুমতি ছাড়া ব্যবহার করা যাবে না। কপিরাইট © সকল সর্বস্বত্ব স্বত্বাধিকার সংরক্ষিত আপনভূবন ডটকম )

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